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"The East End has some really talented live acts, and Ludmilla's duo is seriously one of the best." 

John Wegorzewsk /

"Spending an evening with Ludmilla and her accompanist Marcello Velloso on guitar is like sitting at a beachside café along Rio’s famed Copacabana Beach"

Sergio D'alesio / Acid Jazz Magazine

Out On Our Own

Our first full-length CD has been out of print for 13 years , but we've just received a whole batch of new pressings!  Get 'em while they're hot!

Out Now !
What do you get when you cross Samba with Jazz ? That's right, you get our latest CD: No violins were harmed in the making of this CD. Guitar and Voice Recorded live at Fresno in East Hampton during Brazil Night series .


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